Pro football's playoffs are wrapping up, and so is our Pro Football Pick 'Em contest. With all the calculations completed, Yakima's winner is Ralph Edwards -- who called nearly 70 percent of the regular season games correctly.

Ralph's expertise won him the grand prize from Yakima Steak Co.: 400 bucks. But that's not all -- if he can predict the halftime and/or the final scores of that big game coming up Feb. 2 in Miami, he could win another $1,000 or $10,000!

With a success rate like Ralph's, we had to ask him: What's his strategy?

"I just pick the teams that I think are gonna win," he shrugged.

Well, yeah. Guess that'd work.

Ralph, works as a forklift operator, said he also gets some help from wife, though he made most of this season's picks himself. At any rate, he's going to share his winnings with her -- she gets $100, he said, and he figures he can use most of the rest of the money to take her on a little trip.

We don't mean to spoil any surprises, but Ralph's a diehard Philadelphia fan ... so we can't help but wonder if that "little trip" might involve tickets to an East Coast football game this fall.

At any rate, congratulations, Ralph! We're rooting for you to win some even bigger money on Feb. 2.

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