For the last 7 years Kevin Milford has been producing tasty moonshine and whiskey as the owner of Yakima's Swede Hill Distilling. But during the COVID-19 crisis Milford says he's converted his operation into producing hand sanitizer. Milford says earlier this month he received a call from officials at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital hoping that Swede Hill Distilling could supply them with hand sanitizer. Milford says he immediately began changing his operation from producing moonshine and whiskey to a high quality hand sanitizer.

Milford says he's been overwhelmed with requests from other health care centers in the Yakima Valley and is currently waiting on more materials to produce more hand sanitizer. Because his aim is to help the hospital and other health care centers he hasn't yet made any of the sanitizer available to the public but he says that's the plan in the near future.
Swede Hill Distillery is located at 12404 Occidental Road in Yakima.

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