YNW Melly continues drop new music from behind bars. On Wednesday (March 11), the incarcerated rapper announced he is releasing a new track featuring the late Juice Wrld on Friday (March 13).

Melly made the announcement via Instagram where he shared the cover art for the upcoming single. The artwork shows cartoon images of the two rappers. Melly has a snake wrapped around his neck. The post is simply captioned, "FRIDAY SUICIDAL REMIX @juicewrld999 💔🌎."

The announcement comes just a day after Melly put up a cryptic IG post with only a date of "3/13." Some speculated it meant the rapper would be getting out of jail, which he has hinted at recently. It looks like we will be getting new music instead.

Melly, who has been locked up since last February and facing double murder charges, released the album Melly vs. Melvin in November 2019, which featured the original version of "Suicidal," a dark track that finds the Florida rapper anguishing about a breakup.

Melly continues to await trial for his case, in which he is accused of killing former associates YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. Despite the mounting evidence, Melly's former lawyer, Bradford Cohen, thinks Melly will be found not guilty.

“This will be a very interesting trial, I am no longer representing Melly in this matter, but I predict a not guilty based on all the evidence I have reviewed," Cohen recently wrote in an Instagram post. “He has some very fine attorneys that I believe will be able to secure a favorable verdict,” Cohen added. “I also think that bond will be granted given the weakness of the evidence. Never rush to judgement in cases until you see everything.”

Melly has maintained his innocence.

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