It's the holidays and officials at the Yakima Union Gospel Mission are hoping you'll consider giving to help the homeless. Mission Executive Director Mike Johnson it only takes $2.07 to provide a hot, nourishing meal at the Mission. If you give today your gift to the mission will be matched.

Supporters of the mission have pledged $60,000 to match your gift

An email from the mission says "A group of longtime supporters of Yakima Union Gospel Mission has stepped forward with a generous $60,000 gift. And they’re challenging friends like you to help match it by midnight on 12/31."
Remember your donation is tax deductible.

The director of the mission says many people are hurting this holiday season

Johson says "Right now, more people than ever find themselves on the edge of poverty. Rising costs on basics like housing, gas and even food put many at risk of experiencing homelessness and hunger for the first time. They’re praying for food… for help… for hope.

If you've shopped at a mission thrift store this year you've helped the mission

Maybe you've been shopping at one of the thrift stores owned by the mission this year. The store Summit Thrift is very popular opening in 2021 at 56th and Summitview. The original Lighthouse Thrift Store on South Front Street and the Lincoln Mission Thrift store located on Lincoln Avenue are also open. A new store is planned on North First Street as well.Johnson says the stores generate enough money to fully fund all administrative costs at the mission meaning no salaries or other costs come from donated dollars. So when you donate all your dollars go to help those needing help at the mission.

You can donate right now online

You can donate at or you can drop off your donation or non-perishable food at the mission located at 1300 North first Street.

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