Did you love Wonder Woman? Did you see it a ton of times in theaters? Did you miss its IMAX run and wish you could see it again on the biggest screen possible? Good news! The Amazons’ greatest warrior is returning to select IMAX screens this Friday for one day only.

The official IMAX Twitter account announced today that Diana Prince will be swinging her lasso of truth on their screens in select locations on Friday, Aug. 25.

You can find out where it’ll be playing near you by going here.

Wonder Woman has had a massively great run in theaters, stealing the summer from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, becoming the highest-grossing film directed by a woman, the highest-grossing origin movie, the highest-grossing DCEU movie, and crossing the ever-elusive $400 million domestic mark a few weeks ago. Patty Jenkins just negotiated the highest payday for a female director in history in her deal to helm the sequel (a number which is, ahem, equal to what a number of male directors have gotten for their sequels), and rumors are swirling that Warner Bros. is cooking up a massive Oscar campaign for it this year.

You can still catch Wonder Woman in regular showings across the country, but this Friday is your last chance to see it in IMAX.

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