On Tuesday night, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Yung Joc was spotted in public wearing a blue dress. Photos of Joc were posted on social media and the rapper quickly became the target of jokes. But now, Joc is firing back, saying he wishes everyone would stop being judgmental and revealing there is a reason he wore the dress.

In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Joc said he knew the outfit would lead to backlash, but says he had to "man up" and "put on a fucking dress." He added, "All I'ma say is, quit being so judgmental, people. It's threads."

In a separate video, Joc said he is currently on four VH1 shows, suggesting his dress may have had something to do with an episode on one of his series. In the photos featuring the rapper wearing the dress, a camera crew can be seen near him.

"News flash, y'all probably wondering what hell Joc got going on," he says in the video. "It's called internet manipulation. This is going to be one of the craziest times ever in my life or career. At this point in my life, you must watch."

It's not Yung Joc's first time being the butt of a joke. In 2016, the rapper debuted a new hairstyle which some compared to DeJ Loaf. Joc responded to the comments in the same way, hinting that he may have wanted to get people talking about his new style.

Watch Yung Joc's Instagram videos below and check out the photo of him in a dress.

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