Zayn’s new music video for “Still Got Time ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR,” leaves no wild house party stereotype off its checklist. Malik lighting up? Check. Strippers and naked guests in attendance? Check. An overflow of alcohol? You get the idea.

One Direction image. These days, apparently, Malik is into graffitiing walls, live tattooing, and hosting killer mansion parties. In "Still Got Time," filmed in a '90s-era scratchy home movie style, Malik appears largely unimpressed by his guests' antics. He barely raises an eyebrow when an alligator (!) walks nearby his kiddie pool in the yard after the bash is over and people are strewn about the lawn.

While it’s not going to get you on your feet hardcore dancing, “Still Got Time” has a catchy, laid-back hook to it that would be a great backdrop to a low-key party.

Check out the video above-- did we mention it also has a monkey on Malik's shoulder? -- and see what you think of Malik’s descent into debauchery.

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