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LIKE or UNLIKE: Heffron Drive – Parallel [POLL]
Heffron Drive bring a very cool sound to the stage, but would it be a cool sound to the airwaves? Vote on if you like this song. The more likes it gets, the better chance of it getting on the air.
If they look or sound familiar, it's because these two are also in Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon...
LIKE or UNLIKE: Duck Sauce – NRG [POLL]
The latest 'Like or Unlike' comes from a pair who call themselves Duck Sauce. This DJ duo brings a fun sound similar to others like Daft Punk.
They have a song they want to introduce you to called NRG (get it? NRG -- energy). Take a listen and tell us if you think it's worth being on 1…
LIKE or UNLIKE: The Chainsmokers – #Selfie
The latest that has been sweeping hashtags everywhere has been #selfie by The Chainsmokers. This catchy song has everyone, young and old alike, singing this song in their cars. What do you think? Do you like it, or do you unlike it? Take the poll and let us know!
LIKE or UNLIKE: Little Mix – Move
The other day we were tweeted a request to play Move by the group Little Mix. What do you think? Should it be a song we play more often? Have a listen and tell us if you LIKE or UNLIKE it. Who knows, if we get enough likes, we may just have to play it a lot more often on the air.

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