So Is It Now Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?
The Seattle, Minneapolis, and Portland are three cities which recently voted to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day. There are, however, some Native Americans who find this name change offensive, stating that if a state wants to honor American Indians, then the name change should be …
Why Elementary Schools Need to Stop Giving Out Homework [POLL]
Homework is one of those things that comes with school. You go to school, you have homework, you do it (hopefully) and carry on with the rest of your day. The other day, my daughter came home with a few sheets of homework that was to be turned in by the end of the week. It's enough homework to easil…
Would You Take a Shuttle Bus to Seahawks Games? [POLL]
We have had many inquiries about the availability of any 'Seahawks Super Fan' bus trips for the upcoming season. Sadly, none are scheduled for this season as there are no group tickets available at CenturyLink Field as in years past.
With that said, we would like to know if you, your friends and fami…
You Can Help Yakima Win $100,000 for a Dog Park
It’s time for all Yakima dog lovers to sit (or stand) and speak (electronically, that is) to help
Yakima win $100,000 for a planned dog park by becoming the “Top Dog” in an online contest appropriately named “Bark for Your Park”.

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