The other day I asked my kids what they wanted to eat. For some reason, the idea of a ham and cheese omelet came up as one of the options. Feeling creative and inspired by Aarti Sequeira's lasagna cupcakes, I used that idea to make ham & cheese omelet cupcakes. It's super easy and almost fail-proof.

:Between 6-8 eggs
:ham (or any meat)
:cheese preference (I used mozzarella)
:won ton wrappers (found at any grocery store usually found in the produce section)

• Pre-heat oven to 375
• Scramble the eggs
• dice some ham or whatever meat you're using
• shred some cheese
• In a cupcake pan, lay down your won ton wrappers, one per hole, and press down so it fills flat. If it's not non-stick, use a cooking spray.
• Add a little of each egg, ham and cheese filled about halfway
• Now, add another won ton wrapper, turning it 45 degrees
• repeat the egg, ham and cheese

Depending on the oven, bake for 10-15 minutes. My oven's coil is super-hot so I check on it at about 8 minutes and they're usually good to go.

Feel free to improvise on this as much as possible. My kids don't like anything spicy so I made this as mild as possible. If I were to make my own I'd probably use pepper-jack and add some peppers. There's also nothing wrong with scrambling the eggs and meat together, I just separated them to give it that lasagna layering effect.

You can eat with a fork or do what I did, pick up the cupcake and eat it as such. The cheese should hold everything together so there wouldn't be much spillage.