If you hope that they film the next McDonald's commercial in your town, don't hold your breath. Chances are it was filmed at this one.

This is a fake McDonald's built for their commercials and movies(just about any commercial you see, and every movie, that has a Mickey D's as a location, this will be it). Really a weird site, tucked in the far end of an industrial park it has a few Mickey D's signs on wheels w/adjustable height(for those crane shots), and out front are those big 45 foot cargo containers holding EVERY possible McDonald's uniform in every size from around the world(for their international ads) and a basement with McDonald's furniture in every style and color combination the chain allows(so it looks like different McD's from spot-to-spot).

I almost feel lied to. I wonder if they do this for Burger King or any other restaurant. I've noticed that all of the Olive Garden commercials look like the same one when I've been to several Olive Gardens, each with their own look.