It's been a while since a snack food jumped out at me, making my brain, eyes, mouth, and stomach all agree: WE NEED TO TRY THAT! That was my reaction to the new flavor of Funyuns when my friend Gloria sent me a picture and asked if I'd like to try them!

The Taste Testing Reviewing Legal Stuff!

If you've read my other food reviews, you know I have this little CYA disclaimer. This is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this ringed snack food. My friend bought a bag for me to try with her own money without any promise of compensation or payment in any form.

(Full disclosure: I did say thank you and let her pet my dog, Rusty). To the best of my knowledge, she purchased the Funyuns with her own money and DID NOT perform any illegal or immoral activities to receive such rings of the snack variety.

bag of funyuns on a dinner table.

Taste Test of Funyuns: Spicy Queso

I grew up with original Funyuns. My brother loved them so much that I got sick of them and didn't eat any for decades. Much like Lay's Sour Cream & Onion chips or Original Pringles, they're good but a once-in-a-while chip for me. So, keep that in mind as you read on.

bald man eats onion ring chip

They tasted good! At first, I didn't get much of a cheese taste or a spicy feeling. After the 3rd or 4th, that's when the spice kicked in. But it wasn't overpowering, and I could continue eating them without my mouth getting too hot. I think I prefer the Spicy Queso flavor to the original.

Taste Test of Funyuns: Spicy Queso: 2nd Opinion

My wife was next up. She was super excited to try them, loves original Funyuns, and was entirely on board with them.

"They're not terrible, but I prefer the OG Funyuns." – My hip wife.

Proving that they weren't her bag, she told me to bring them to work with me.

funyuns onion rings in a bag

Taste Test of Funyuns: Spicy Queso: 3rd Opinion

Our receptionist was eager to try them as well. She dove in, eating one after another. She said it has the same texture and taste as Funyuns but didn't get the "new" taste until a bit later. I asked her if she liked these or the original ones better.

"I don't know, these are groovy, but I don't know" – Emily the Radio Receptionist.

nutrition facts on a bag of Funyuns

There you have it, our reviews. They're good, not bad. To hard-core Funyuns lovers, they're a nice change of pace, but for the diehards, they can't stack up. What do you think? Have you tried them, or will you try them? Tap the App and let us know!

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