The 71 Best Things About Living In Yakima
Some folks from the Westside and in the Tri-Cities have unfairly ripped into the Yakima Valley and we think it's a pretty damn awesome place to live. So we compiled our list (with help from our listeners) of the 71 best things about living here:
Six Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving To The Yakima Valley
The Yakima Valley is a mixed bag of nuts, if you listen to the locals tell it.
When I first moved here in 2002, I was immediately told that the best thing about living in Yakima is leaving Yakima. That freaked me out quite a bit! I thought that meant that I needed to immediately pack my bags and head…
Hop-Flavored Lollipops Coming Soon from Yakima Hop Candy
In recent years, the hop industry has really taken off on a local level. I mean, we've always had a huge hop industry as the Yakima Valley accounts for 75 percent of the U.S. hop crop, but it's gained a much higher local profile with new breweries like Yakima Craft and Bale Breaker popping up.
Can yo…