What Do Your Kids Do When They Are Bored?
Sometimes I feel like a totally evil woman when I tell my kids they can only use their computers or phones for an hour a night. They both play several musical instruments, so of course I want them to practice.
When they get mad at me I tell them to go practice or read their books for school...
Casting Call for a Music Video at Heritage University — Sweet!
Calling all ... well, everyone! Local recording label Panoramic Dreams LLC is looking for you, and they want to help high school students learn how to produce videos at the same time! They're filming a music video in the Heritage University parking lot! The video is in need of extras, which sou…
Music Videos That Are Native American Inspired
Aside from the stereo types that Native American or indigenous people go through. I admit I live up to some of the stereotypes. Across the country quiet a few musicians get inspiration from Native Americans. Even Us Natives set out to inspire...
Make Music With These Interactive Squares
Anyone can make music and, with these handy squares, it's super easy to! Just click on the squares you want to make a sound and it will loop as it travels from left to right. The higher up the square, the higher pitched the note. Go ahead, give it a shot!.
Concert Time! NKOTBSB
Since the NKOTB / BOYZIIMEN / 98DEGREES concert is tonight, I thought that I would share some pictures from the last time around I saw NKOTB in concert with the Backstreet Boys!
Everyone KNOWS I am a HUGE Howie Dorough fan (BSB) but seeing NKOTB in concert, was a huge "WOW" moment f…

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