Classic Play Steel Magnolias To Be Performed In Yakima
You know the movie, you might know the book but do you know the play "Steel Magnolias"?
I had a chance to talk with Gina, Cheryl and Andrea (who are playing the characters of M'Lynn, Clairee and Annelle) about the upcoming performance in Yakima through The Warehouse Theatre.
Five Things We Did As Kids – And Still Do Today
The other day I saw my daughter doing something very kid like. She is a kid, after all. I remembered when I used to do some of the things she does now and then say to myself "wait a minute, I still do that today." Here's a short list of things I used to do but you can still ca…
Dog Tries to Play Fetch With Lazy Twin Babies [VIDEO]
When this dog was a puppy, he was playing fetch like it was his birth right. Meanwhile, all these babies want to do is sit by the pool on their weak, underdeveloped muscles, sucking on their fingers like they’re covered in Similac. Come on babies, doggie wants to play!