Chuck E Cheese Kennewick (google street view)
Chuck E Cheese Kennewick (google street view)

We first heard about this on a weekend Tech show,  Rich on Tech.  Rich DeMurro, who is the tech reporter for an LA TV station and Premiere Radio Networks, was talking about the latest digital enhancements coming to Chuck E. Cheese.

Trampoline Zones are being added to more and more locations

The Rich on Tech show was discussing how the popular birthday and event center has all but ditched the old animatronic figures who used to play songs and replaced them with huge digital video boards and other 21st-century enhancements.

During the show, Rich mentioned how many locations have gotten trampolines. So, we did some digging.  According to corporate officials, who responded to an email we sent, there are trampolines going into numerous locations. They're called Trampoline Zones.

According to their Media Relations Department:

 "We currently have 30 across NY, Central Florida, Southern California, DC, North Carolina, St. Louis and Northern Virginia. Every week adding to that list and with plans to have 80 before end of this year in new markets."

They also followed up and said there are ten more locations opening in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas, and other North Texas markets next week.

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Nothing was said specifically about the Pacific Northwest, but if they continue to expand this new feature, it would not be a surprise if sometime down the road the Kennewick location got one.

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