Adam Lambert Teases 12-Second Song Clip
Along with Queen, he kicks off a summer-long North American tour (extended to Europe) tomorrow (June 23), and today (June 22), he teased Twitter followers with a 12-second instrumental clip captioned 'New music is coming.'
Katy Perry The Queen
Queen of twitter that is.  She officially passed up Lady Gaga and became the most followed female.  Lady Gaga hasn't been so active on her twitter, in fact she hasn't tweeted for months!  But Katy Perry, who is a self-announced twitter addict has reached almost 40 million fo…
Royal News: Pink Or Blue?
As the world waits for the arrival of the royal baby; the question remains:  Prince or Princess?
There are quite a few traditions that goes along with giving birth to the golden bundle of joy.  First; The Queen will be notified via a sealed envelope...