How Is Smoking Cigarettes Still A Thing?
I'll admit to having lit up when I was a teenager but fortunately for me I never caught the "habit". I do like a cigar from time to time... once a year when I'm in Vegas maybe. As far as cigarettes go however I have never understood the fascination...
Can Video Games Make You Smarter? Science Thinks So [VIDEO]
Although many say video games are a waste of time or a bad influence, I've always pointed out that, as a non-sports fan, I know how to play every sport thanks to playing the video game version of them and there's always that 'hand-eye coordination' argument that, although I don&a…
How to Make a Mixed Drink using Laghing Gas
This is something you can file under 'Things I want to Try but Won't'. The good people at Hard Science speed up the mixing of infused cocktails by using some simple nitrous oxide, or 'laughing gas' as we often refer to it as.
Walk on Water… Kind Of [VIDEO]
Can you walk on water? Chances are that, unless you are our lord and savior, you probably said, "no." Our friends at Hard Science has made a liquid-type substance mixing water and corn starch that, if you produce enough of it, and you're fast enough, you can walk on it...

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