I've been a heavier fellow all of my life. When it comes down to it, I really have myself to blame. I'm far from lazy, but I enjoy a good nap more often than walking a mile. But one thing I know I'm in dire need of is more willpower.

Drew Carey said it best on an episode of his long-running TV show. While pointing at his stomach, he said, "This is temptation's trophy case." Me too, Drew… me too.

I've often made the complaint, "It's 2024; how do we not have a pill that can fix me!?!?" Now, that could be taken to deal with my weight, my baldness, my lack of musical ability, my poor vision etc., etc. But it looks like there will soon be a pill that can tackle the one issue: my weight.

Popular weight loss drugs on the market, Zepbound and Wegovy, are doing wonders for people, but I wonder how long they will work.

Both of those drugs are injections, so if you're not a needle person, that's one thing to keep in mind. A new drug in development, currently known as SLU-PP-332, looks to be a pill, and instead of curving your appetite, it looks to trick your body into thinking it has just exercised.


The creator, Bahaa Elgendy, has gone on record saying that this is not a replacement for exercise. If you can do it, then you should. But for people who are physically unable to, the new drug could be groundbreaking.

Many more clinical trials are expected, but so far, so good. The part I'm interested in is will it be a total fix-all. Will the change that the new drug give you keep if you stop taking it and DO NOT change your ways? Or is this just the latest fad diet?


There's a reason successful diets are called "lifestyle changes." What happens to your body when you stop taking the drugs? If you don't change your habits or lifestyle, will you gain the weight back?

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What about dropping weight too fast and having extra skin or changing the body's hormone levels? I'm sure science is looking at all of these (and many more) questions.


As a consumer like myself, is this something I want to sink money into if I'm not committed to building my willpower and change my lazy ways? Only you can answer those questions for yourself.

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