The 1997 film Volcano scared and got people talking; how would they survive if the film's events actually happened?

Considering the film takes place in L.A., the fact that scientists are warning of a Supervolcano is making more and more people re-watch that film!

In all seriousness, the Long Valley Caldera, California, is one of the world’s largest super volcanoes.

20 miles long, 11 miles wide, and 3,000 feet deep, it is something scientists have been keeping an eye on for a while. If it were to erupt, California would be in trouble.

Where is Tommy Lee Jones when you need him? According to Wikipedia, he is not in L.A., so he won't be able to help this time!

According to scientists, this volcano hasn’t had a major eruption in 760,000 years, and the fear is that when it finally does pop, no one will be safe. has reported that scientists have seen creeks and hot springs pop up around the area, which is not a good sign.

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Right now, city and state emergency plans are in place, but we can only speculate how well those plans will turnout. Let's hope we won't find out for another 760,000 years.

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