Simple Ways to Keep Yourself from Getting Sick This Season
Today was a banner day at work. One co-worker called in sick, two others left early because they were starting to feel sick, my wife is getting sick and the school called telling me to pick up my son because he's now sick. Welcome to a change in temperature this time of year.
Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage in Arizona [VIDEO]
Being a millionaire, having Selena Gomez for a girlfriend and having millions upon millions of adoring fans can take a lot out of you. During a recent concert, Justin Bieber had a touch of something in his system that just had to come out. Watch at your own risk.
123 Fall Ill After Night in Playboy Hot Tub
Last February, Hugh Hefner and his posse held a fundraising event at the notorious Playboy mansion.
And though many decadent, debaucherous parties lead to a few exchanged diseases, this one resulted in over 100 people reporting pneumonia and flu-like symptoms after the evening's shindig came to …