Imagine it: next Thursday, Thanksgiving dinner. You’re at the table surrounded by friends and family. Light-hearted talk about everyone’s lives is filling the air. No POLITICS! You made that agreement several years ago. Everyone is passing the stuffing and gravy. You’re sitting there about to put a bite of food into your mouth.

You hear a noise, and something hits your leg. You look down, and there’s your dog, being an annoying “good boy.” You ignore him, but he’s persistent. You hear a noise that, at first, you think it’s your uncle trying to inhale another dinner roll. But you realize that’s your dog BEGGING LOUDLY! You look down at him and tell him, “No, go lay down!

He doesn’t; he gives you the biggest, saddest of puppy dog eyes. So you decide to give in and give him a bite of Thanksgiving Dinner. After all, you’re thankful for him, and you bet he’s thankful for you… or at least the bite that you just gave him.


That’s where the problem could start. What was a happy Thanksgiving supper with family (no matter how many legs) has turned into a night at the emergency veterinarian’s office. You had no clue you shouldn’t have fed your dog that. After all, he eats out of the garbage and drinks from the toilet!

Check out our list of Thanksgiving foods your dog can and can’t have, and spare yourself this possible future!

10 Thanksgiving Foods You Shouldn't Give Your Dog

10 Thanksgiving Foods You Shouldn't Give Your Dog

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