How often have you walked around your workplace and seen your fellow co-workers not working? You think to yourself, “Why are they even here?” Then, today (Thursday, August 24th), you are at work, and your co-workers are nowhere to be seen. But weirdly enough, the same amount of work gets done. Well, that is because everyone is at home, apparently sick.

Okay, so August 24th may not be a national holiday or even a day of celebration (like National Nacho Day, November 6th, in case you’re interested). However, according to data from the leave management platform Flamingo Leave Track, it is the most common day workers have called in sick (for the past 5 years).

Why are People Calling Out Sick?

Research showed that stomach bugs were the most common reason, with 54% of the cases. Followed by COVID at 25%, anxiety & stress at 9%, broken bones, etc. at 6%.

It seems weird that the “sickest” day is in the summer when the sickest month is February (the winter). Other popular sick days:

Feb. 13th
Oct. 25th
Dec. 15th
April 18th
Feb. 2nd
Jan. 24th
June 26th
Dec. 12th
Sept. 5th

So, are people really sick or just playing hooky? Does it really matter? If they have the time saved or need the break, I say take it! If it doesn’t become a severe issue among co-workers, having to shoulder the load, take a day off! A break, whether for health, mental, or just relaxation, isn’t bad. But that’s my opinion.

What’s yours? Tap the App and let us know your thoughts. Did you call in sick to work today (this week)? Was it legit, or did you just need the break?

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