I woke up this morning with a dilemma many mothers (and fathers) are faced with: What the hay am I gonna do with the toddler(s) on a Monday morning?

Asking for help on Facebook was a bust. No one had any suggestions I didn't already know about. So I decided to try something new that I used to daydream about taking Willow back when I worked at an 8-5 job: Swimming! (Talk about dropping kids off in the pool!)

Today my two year old, Willow, and I booked it all the way across town (in Yakima that means two blocks) to Lions Pool to kick it with the other toddlers whose Mommies are in-the-know. We had a blast and made lots of new toddler friends! I highly recommend it for parents who have the luxury of being able to spend this time with their little one(s)!

What: Self-Directed Family Pool Time for Toddlers
When: 10-11am, Mondays
Where: Lions Pool, Yakima