Halloween is coming up and you still need a costume. Here are some great Halloween costume ideas inspired by our awesome city.

  • Me! John Riggs

    Wear a geeky t-shirt, glasses and shave yourself a receding hairline. Or wear a hat that says RIGGS on it. Basically, make yourself look like Paul Giamatti.
  • The 'Palm Springs' sign

    Easy enough, just wear a sandwich board with the sign on front and back
  • Joe Mann

    Unofficial mayor of downtown Yakima and everyone's favorite guy at Ron's Coin and Collectibles
  • Colonel JJ Weisenberge

    That statue in Downtown Yakima
  • Del Monte Water Tower

  • An Apple

    Just a big, red, juicy apple
  • Kyle MacLaughlin

    Yakima - born and raised
  • Bigfoot

    The first photograph of Bigfoot was taken by someone in Yakima.
  • Bikini Barista

    In honor of our bikini coffee stands
  • Hops

    Just put a bunch of hop vines all over you. Hard to find this time of year as they've all been harvested, but you can probably figure something out.

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