In hip-hop, tour life has a special allure. Rappers hit city after city, passing time on the road or in the sky between stops doing who knows what. They meet fans of various backgrounds and localities. A lot of puff-puff-passing. Maybe there's a studio on the tour bus where artists have a chance to lay down some heat. Or maybe some overeager fan will end up in the hotel room and make another kind of magic happen.

"My girl love me, but fuck it, my heart beats slow/And right now the tour bus is looking like a freak show," Drake raps on 2009's "Successful," reminiscing about the days when he famously toured with Lil Wayne, soaking in wisdom from the rap superstar (and apparently capturing the wild times, too). On 2014's "In Vein," Rick Ross rhymes, "Tour bus like a National Geographic/Bitches runnin' wild gettin' faded in the bathroom."

Simply put, time on the road touring is special, whether rappers have a hedonist agenda or are taking the opportunity to write, record or get inspired musically. There are rules, though: What happens on tour, stays on tour. XXL tracked down 10 artists who don't abide by that mandate. Read all about their wild, crazy or completely random times on tour in the gallery below.

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