Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have announced they are divorcing, putting an end to rampant speculation about their relationship. The tabloids have had a field day about the state of their marriage for months, with rumors he cheated on her with several women spreading faster than you can say “Dashton.”

But is that the real reason they’re going their separate ways? We think not. Here’s the real inside scoop on why this Hollywood super-couple has decided to call it quits. Add your reasons in the comments.

1. She heard Kris Humhpries is back on the market.

2. He heard Kim Kardashian is back on the market.

3. Like the rest of the world, Demi finally realized the Ashton of 2011 is a lot more annoying than the Ashton of 2005.

4. This just proves that it’s hard to look good when you work with a stud like Jon Cryer.

5. She had to call it off because he wouldn’t stop wearing trucker hats from ‘Punk’d.’

6. Demi is at a point in her life where she needs someone more mature than Ashton. You know, like anyone from ‘Jersey Shore.’

7. Most people complain E! spends too much time talking about the Kardashians. Give Demi and Ashton credit for actually doing something about it.

8. Demi couldn’t bear the thought of another Thanksgiving where Ashton sits at the kids’ table.

9. Seriously, would you stay married to a guy who’s on a hit show, but is more known for making a fool of himself on Twitter?

10. They’re following the trends. First, Regis and Kelly split. Then, Kim and Kris. And now Demi and Ashton. Better chow down on some PB&J while still you can.

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