Everyone is buying these Mega Millions tickets like crazy and, with a jackpot at over $500 million dollars, it's no wonder why. Even people who usually don't play the lottery are buying these, myself included. Everyone always talks about what they would do if they won the Mega Millions jackpot; buy a mansion, live on an island, buy their favorite sports team. Looking at the flipside, here are 10 things I wouldn't do if I won the Mega Millions jackpot.

Show everyone my winning ticket.
That would be like Charlie Bucket waving his golden ticket. To most desperate people, that's an invitation to kill me and steal my winning ticket. I'd stay on the down low until everything was official.

Get a divorce.
For several reasons. First and foremost, I love my wife. Secondly (which was the reason you thought of first, admit it) she'd get half of my winnings. One of my buddies told me with that kind of money he could go out and get the hottest model which, yes, is probably true. But I'm not just married, I'm married... with children. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize not seeing my kids every day. No amount of money is worth that.
Now, if my wife decided to divorce me to take half, that's up to her, but I have to believe she wouldn't... would she?

Buy a mansion.
Why would I want one? All of those extra rooms would be cool, but that just involves that much more cleaning and dusting, not to mention the power and heat bills would be outrageous. I don't care that I can afford to hire a maid and pay those expensive bills, if I don't have to, I won't. I'm sure I'd buy a house, but not one that big.

Quit my job.
First of all, I love my job so I would have no reason to quit. Although it is a lot of money, it's just money so I would still still pull in a regular paycheck.

Move out of town.
I have no reason to move. I dig it here. Now, I'm sure I'd buy a house somewhere else, but it'd still be in the area so I can drive to work and be here at a reasonable time.

Get plastic surgery.
Although it's tempting to go through lipo and get hair implants, cosmetic surgery isn't for me. I know several women who would go out and get breast augmentation or whatever to themselves, but not I.

Buy a bunch of cars.
I can promise you that I would two new cars. One of me, one for my wife. Both would be family style like a mid-size SUV or minivan so we can still drive the kids around. I don't need classic cars, muscle cars, 'Fast and the Furious'-style cars. Not my thing. I would buy myself a new car and it would be nice, but I wouldn't buy anything more than I actually needed.

Keep a bunch of cash money in our place
I get the image of those high money ballers who count their cash in front of their camera and post the videos on YouTube. There's no reason for it. I may have a safe that has some cash money as needed, but I'd still use my debit card for everything.

Keep it all for ourselves.
I will say that I would use most of it for my family and I, but I would also do some good deeds to those who have helped me in the past. I would pay off my mother-in-law's house that she recently built as my wife and I lived under their roof when we were relocating. I would fix up my parents house as it's starting to fall apart. I would also make out a few checks to a few local charities. I would be generous to myself first, but I would be generous to those around me, too.

Buy another lottery ticket.
Again, I don't buy lottery tickets. Not that I'm anti-gambling and I used to buy scratch tickets all the time, but it's just not my thing. If I happen to have a winner, I'd be super excited and kindly step aside so I could let someone else win next time. Then that person can quit, move, get plastic surgery, buy a bunch of unnecessary cars and brag about keeping the money to himself on his YouTube videos.

That's what I wouldn't do, how about you?