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As you reflect on whether this outgoing year was a great year for you or not likely to go down as one of your best, let’s get our minds off of ourselves for a few moments as we reflect on celebrities that we KNOW did not have a fabulous 2012. (Followed by a few that DID!)


1. Lindsay Lohan-I don’t even know if I can count on both hands how many times she has been hauled into court this year for things she “allegedly” did and things she “actually” did! But she has had, in my opinion, the worst 2012 year ever.

2. Katt Williams-Coming in a close second, Katt’s personal and professional life has done a complete 180. I feel sorry for his adopted kids, who have just been sent straight to Social Services because of his latest drama.(In case you didn’t know, the police raided his home about a week ago and accused him of possessing a stolen gun and illegal drugs.)

3. Dude from Total Recall – I don’t know exactly what Nick Stahl did to qualify as “lewd” conduct, but he did it in an adult bookstore, and the cops didn’t like it! He got his butt arrested. How embarrassing!

4. Demi Moore – She lost her husband boo thang to JACKIE, of all people! Then she went kind of off the deep end and her daughters ended up picking up her pieces. I feel sorry for her because Ashton is such a famous celeb and his rendez-vous with Mila were plastered all over tabloid tv and magazines. I saw the shocking headlines while I was waiting in line at the Safeway.

5. Chad Ochocinco – This fool right here! Allegely headbutting his new bride then begging for her forgiveness (she said NO) and then getting a tattoo of her face…I am still in such shock that I just can’t even finish this sentence…

6. Katy Perry – She lost the love of her life (Russell Brand) and is now dating John Mayer. His track record with the ladies is haphazard at best, so I hope she just doesn’t fall too deeply in love with his sultry raspy voice and boyish good looks.

7. Reality TV – I am so disgusted with most reality tv shows that all I can do is to quote Judge Judy: “Beauty fades, but dumb is FOREVER.”

So then, who in my book has had a great year and can brag freely about it?


1. Kimye – Kim didn’t blink her eyelash extensions long enough before finding a new man to drown out her sorrows of a $72Million dollar failed marriage with Kris Jefferies. Kanye swooped in with rap lyrics that were apparently worth more than the $72 Million dropped on her infamous wedding. Now they are gonna have a baby. She had the best 2012 year ever!

2. Charlie Sheen – He cleaned up his act (somewhat) and found a tv show that welcomed him with open arms. He even was charitable (giving Lindsay Lohan about $100 Grand).

3. Taylor Swift – I can’t really call her a serial dater, but that’s exactly what she was in 2012. She dropped a record setting album (Red) and crashed a Kennedy wedding. You can’t get much better than that all in one year!

4. Judge Judy – Her travails on a yacht were captured as she sported a “bikini”. I put bikini in quotes because to me, that looked like some Fredericks of Hollywood stuff from the catalog. I would know, I used to get stuff from FOH all the time! ;-)

5. Scandal & Once Upon A Time – My two favorite shows did NOT get cancelled after one season, and for that, they had the best 2012 year ever.

6. Jessica Simpson – She got megabucks from Weight Watchers even though she kind of cheated (ordinary people can’t afford personal chefs to make sure they don’t go over on those freaking points). She had a beautiful baby boy with her fiance and now she’s expecting another child on the way! Definitely a great year for Jess!

7. Secret Marriages – Everybody from Serena Vanderdwarf (or whatever Blake Lively’s name was on Gossip Girl), to Kate Winslet, to Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, The dame on True Blood, Sophie-Ann Leclerq (Evan Rachel Wood), and even Star Wars’ own Padme (Natalie Portman) got hitched – in secret! Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel kind of count, too, although the paparrazzi had a leg up on them biscuits!

8. **Honorable Mention: PSY!

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He had K-Pop Music turnt UP for 2012! He even got to perform with MC Hammer (one of his idols!) and he got to perform tonight for NYE in Times Square! He had the best 2012 EVER!! Now, I know that Bill O'Reilly was hatin' on Psy's great fortune and popularity of Gangnam Style, but Bill just might need to take a couple of Ex-Lax and chill out, man! It's just a dance and a supercatchy song, nay, a HIT song!! Even my 2 year old loves this song (although the first time she heard it, she started grabbing her diaper, so I can't say for certainty that she was doing the "potty dance" or just digging that sick K-Pop beat.)

Here’s to hoping your 2013 is prosperous, fun, and full of love, wealth, good cheer, and Gangnam Style! From my family to yours!

Xoxo Reesha on the Radio

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