What are your plans for the weekend in the Yakima Valley? Oh, no - I'm not planning to tag along, I'm just curious. I have some weekend plans that I'm very excited about taking part in. My son and I are venturing out into the 'woods' for some camping and fishing. It's like we've done countless times before. Except, we haven't done it in about 15 years or more. CRIMINAL!!

You see, he's 32 and I'm, um, barely old enough to be his dad, and we've both been 'busy' since the mid 2000's. So, by golly, we're doing it this weekend. My son and I have fished all over Washington and Alaska. He, from a very young age, was our 'lucky charm'. Uncanny - but even at the age of 6 or 8 or 10 would be THE ONE who caught fish when nobody else did. Guided trips in top of the line boats, family trips with his Grandpa from the bank, it didn't matter - he was always getting 'spoiled' in my view, with success.

Fast forward to his taking over the hunting mantle in our family, the first four years he hunted deer (bow hunter) he bagged a deer. So, yeah, he's the one you want to be with on your hunt. Now, it's the student teaching the teacher. Dads understand, that's pride.

We're going to be rumbling around the DOG LAKE area, as I've heard from a couple of close fishing expert friends that that little well-stocked lake is producing some nice size rainbow trout. When I say, nice size, of course I mean pan-sized. I hope to have pictures to share next week. In the meantime, however, I'd love to get your feedback about where you'd recommend fishing and camping in our region. Sound off on the station app with your foolproof suggestions.

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