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Top Five Things To Consider Before Getting A Dog
So, you've decided to invite a dog to become a member of your family. It's often one of the most rewarding and even life-changing moments in your family's life together. But, it's not always without challenges and in fact, I can confidently guarantee there will be trying times. S…
Ghost Stories of the Yakima Valley Part One
From a ghost saving someone's life to creepy basements and the sound of piano music coming from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. We either have heard or experienced some type of unexplained moment that leaves us wondering, did that really happen?
Seattle Ranks in Top 10 Best Places to Find a Job in 2021
New year, new you! But what about a new job? Well, during these times it's not always to find a new job. Many are still out of work and some are even looking for side jobs to help with all the bills. Although Yakima has job openings weekly, new statistics are saying Seattle ranks very high in b…

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