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WARNING: Heat+Dry=Forest Fire. What Campers Need to Know!
When it's this hot, you want to do two things: One - cool off, somehow, someway. Two - if someone asks 'Hey, hot enough for 'ya?' you want to, well.........cool off, somehow, someway.
With temperatures exceeding the century mark in the Yakima Valley for the past few days and with both a 'Red Flag War…
Five Yakima Valley Restaurants With Outdoor Dining
So much has changed over the past couple of months due to Covid-19 and we've almost become accustomed to many things NOT being available. Well, there are signs of getting back to some semblance of normalcy and it begins with FOOD.
Here are FIVE Great Yakima Valley Restaurants which are OPEN for …
Weekend Plan: Yakima Downtown Farmer's Market
The weekend is upon us and even though certain restrictions continue during the 'Summer of Covid', there are still plenty of things to do this weekend around the Yakima Valley.
You could easily get out and enjoy the great outdoors - either by enjoying a walk along the Greenway  - or by travelling a f…

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