When my daughter was a toddler, it was a nightmare taking her out to a restaurant. I just wanted to feel like an adult and she wanted to act like a, well, tantrummy toddler. I finally gave up on taking her to restaurants until she was old enough to sit without a booster seat. All of those delicious restaurant meals I missed out on...I wish somebody had made THIS LIST for me when my child was a wee one!

I decided to make this list for parents so that they will know they aren't the only ones who's ever had to sit in horror watching their child throwing silverware across the room, making a big ketchup mess on the table, eating from the salt shaker UNDER the table, or worse. That's what kids do and I can laugh at it now. But wouldn't you like to take your family to a FUN restaurant in Washington state, to take your kids to an atmosphere that beckons childrent to enjoy?

Taking your kids out to eat doesn't have to be a challenge when you go to one of these places, suggested by Washington state locals!

5 FUN Restaurants in Washington State to Take Your Kids


The Old Spaghetti Factory
152 S Monroe St

I remember my parents taking my little brother and me to The Old Spaghetti Factory and it was one of my favorite places to eat. I loved the Victorian feel of the decor and I especially loved getting Spumoni ice cream for dessert. The spaghetti wasn't half bad, either, from what I can recall. The Spokane location is inside an old liquor warehouse. They probably have ghosts in there, too! Ha, just kidding.

Anthony Scrima via YouTube


BittyFish Sushi
3000 184th St. SW, Suite 950

My kid loves sushi, especially Avocado Rolls. BittyFish has that and then some, and I'm talking about a whole lotta SOME! Check out their menu here to see what I'm talking about. In addition to sushi, BittyFish offers affordable seafood tacos, crispy rice bowls, desserts, and sashimi, you name it! My friend Marq says his little one LOVES this place, so I'm going to have to take my daughter and check it out the next time we are out near Lynwood!

Bitty Fish Sushi Lynwood WA
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Duke's Seafood
7 Locations: Alki, Bellevue, Greenlake, Kent Station, Lake Union, Southcenter, and Ruston Way (Tacoma)

Just look at some of the Facebook pictures people have posted of them enjoying dinner at Duke's Seafood and you will see lots of families in the mix. Yes, this includes younger kids, too. My kid doesn't really like seafood but Duke's has Chicken Strips, French fries, and Sorbet on the cool Kids Menu, so there is something at Duke's that would please both of our palettes!



305 N Grand Ave

A place where the kids can run around and play whilst the grownups sit around and eat (and drink)? Yes, please, sign us up! There is an arcade area plus a pool table and two levels of bars and restaurant seating. Get there on the right night and you'll hear live music, watch the servers play "Waiter Games", and maybe even a good round of Bingo! It has been described as "an ice cream shop, coffee shop, and kids' play area." -
Abby Tutor via YouTube
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Latitude Kitchen Bar
1065 E Sunset Dr

The kids' food comes in a pirate ship! Arrrrrr ya kidding me? That sounds cool enough to go on the list! There is a kids' menu for breakfast and lunch for just $6.90 each, plus children get to eat free on Sundays with the purchase of a regularly priced meal for $15 or more! Basically, for every fifteen bucks you spend on food at Latitude, a kid gets to eat for free. That reminds me of that little girl in that old Christmas movie who says, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!"

Latitude Kitchen Bar Bellingham
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