There are a few restaurants that I've never been to before, but I hear people raving about them all the time. For instance, I've never been to The Lariat Bar-B-Q, despite the fact that I've been living practically down the street from it for almost 15 years! I also have never been to Dad's Restaurant in Toppenish, but I hear their food is second to none. I've eaten at The Pita Pit a long time ago in Ellensburg, but I have yet to go to the new one on Yakima Avenue. Maybe today will be my lucky day!

Which locally owned restaurant have you never been to before but are really curious to try?

Fill in the blank: I've never been to ______ restaurant before!

  • 1

    El Porton de Pepe


    15 S 5th Ave

    Serves delicious Mexican food!

  • 2

    Magic's Pizza Shack


    309 S 1st St

    I know this restaurant is in Selah, but it's in such close proximity to Yakima and it's a great (and cozy) place to grab some pizza!

  • 3

    Keoki's Oriental Restaurant


    2107 W Lincoln Ave

    Watch the chefs prepare your yummy meal before your eyes, hibachi-style! Vegetarian options available.

  • 4

    Backwoods Cafe


    913 S 1st St

    This is the best hidden place in town to grab a satisfying breakfast on a Sunday morning.

  • 5

    Major's Burgers


    1902 S 3rd Ave or 1705 W Lincoln Ave

    If you haven't tried the Beer Battered Fries, you don't know what you're missing. The cheeseburgers are also top notch!

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