Yesterday, I joined one of those infamous weight-loss gym team challenges (this one is called "The Surge"), and my trainer, Judah, put me on a 1390 calorie-per-day diet. I don't do well with diets. They make me feel like I'm going to DIE-it. So, right now, even though I'm about to go munch on some carrot sticks, I am thinking of nothing but how much I am yearning for some refried beans and rice with a shredded chicken burrito. OOOH YUM!

Sure, I could go home and spend twenty hours in the kitchen cooking it and trying to get it to taste just right, but, as a wise woman once said to a news reporter: "Ain't nobody got time for that."

That's why I look to my favorite Mexican food restaurants in Yakima to help save the day. After all, they say that Yakima is the best place to get Mexican food outside of Mexico!

My favorites are El Porton de Pepe (my go-to, drive-thru spot) at 15 South 5th Ave, El Mirador (the original one at 418 Walnut St, not the new El Mirador 2 at E Yakima Ave), and...well, that's all I've got. But if I had to choose between the two, I would say El Mirador is the best in town.

I have to confess that I generally do not go to any other Mexican restaurants because the two I listed above are so close to my house. I used to love going to El Porton when it was beside Jack-Son's Sports Bar, but I've only been inside the new location once. Meh, too far away (across the street).

What is your favorite Mexican restaurant in Yakima?

You can only choose ONE!

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