50 Cent is rich, rich. He's never been one to hide that fact. On Sunday (May 26), he decided to stunt on a whole new level for Memorial Day Weekend.

Fif shared a video on Instagram that shows him in a jovial mood. "It's nice out. It's Memorial Weekend. We have to remember the fallen soldiers," he says at the beginning of the clip, which appears to have been shot at a relative's home.

The rap mogul goes on to show off some rose gold-colored designer shoes he is wearing, which match his shiny rose gold-colored Bentley he shows off parked outside. "Niggas never understand, so you gotta do niggas like this. Boom! Then you hit them with the rosé," he says showing off the shiny whip. "Go straight at them with the rosé like that. When you get them with this rosé right here, you always gotta take it to the next level."

50 then retrieves a bottle of his champagne line Le Chemin du Roi from the passenger seat of the car, which is also the same hue as the luxury ride. He then proceeds to shake the bottle up before spraying the beverage on his tires and wiping them down with a handful of papers towels. "The rich nigga edition," the rapper says in closing.

Check out 50 Cent stunting super hard by wiping down his Bentley tires with champagne below.

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