Hip-hop is rife with lawsuits that include rappers dealing with legal issues for many reasons, both justified and sometimes outlandish. From Drake to Eminem, and man others, they've found themselves being sued for ridiculous reasons.

Drake was sued by a woman who was arrested for breaking into his California home in 2017. Mesha Collin filed a $4 billion lawsuit against the OVO Sound leader, claiming that he slandered her name on his Instagram page. Her complaint was filed months after her arrest at Drizzy's home, where she allegedly broke in, raided his refrigerator for refreshments and decided to hang out in one of his rooms. Drake never pressed charges against the woman or knew her name until she resurfaced with her nagging lawsuit.

Eminem got sued by one of the unlikeliest people—his own mother. In September of 1999, the Detroit rapper's mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, sued her son for $10 million. In her defamation lawsuit, Debbie claimed Eminem slandered her name in various magazine interviews and on the song "My Name Is" with the lyrics: "I just found out my mom does more dope than I do." Debbie alleged the famed rhymer's remarks caused emotional distress and harmed her credit rating, among other things. Family drama certainly added to this suit.

While the above cases got dismissed, it's apparent that rappers get sued for ridiculous things all the time. So XXL highlights several of the outlandish lawsuits rappers had to fight in court. Check them out below.

See Ridiculous Reasons Rappers Got Sued

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