6ix9ine is back outside. However, he's reportedly in a whole other country.

On Monday (March 27), video surfaced of 6ix9ine in Cuba. In the clip, the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper-federal informant is in a rural area in the city of Pinar del Rio. He is walking up an embankment wearing a large hat and an unbuttoned shirt. He is greeted warmly by multiple people once he reaches the top.

"6ix9ine again in Cuba but with a different style," the words on the video read, according to Google translate.

The last time 6ix9ine was spotted on camera, he was being jumped in a LA Fitness bathroom. As previously reported, back on March 21, videos surfaced of Tekashi being assaulted by three men who beat on the security-less rapper for well over a minute, leaving him hospitalized.

The beating was the talk of the internet all last week, with many people, including Boosie BadAzz, seeing the incident as 6ix9ine's comeuppance for snitching on his former associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang.

The motive for the beating is unclear, however. Police have released a statement about the assault and asked for the pubic's assistance in catching those responsible. In the days since the assault, people like Wack 100 and Jim Jones have weighed in on the incident. 6ix9ine has also been offered tips on how to avoid further bathroom beatings.

There is some speculation that the beating had something to do with 6ix9ine getting into an argument at a baseball game just days prior. There has been radio silence from the normally vocal rapper since the assault.

See Video of 6ix9ine Resurfacing in Cuba Below

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