Warner Bros. has been pushing us off the deep end for weeks now, refusing to give us a new trailer for A Star Is Born. That means we’ve had to watch the first trailer over and over again, which also means Lady Gaga‘s “Ahhhhhh ahhhhh uuhhh ahhhhh” has been stuck in our heads permanently. Thankfully though, Gaga has saved the day and shared a new, albeit far too short, teaser for the movie with a brand new track from the film.

In the latest remake of A Star Is Born, Gaga plays Ally, an aspiring singer/songwriter who crosses paths with a famous-but-struggling country rock star played by Bradley Cooper, who also makes his directorial debut. The music in the film is fantastic and the soundtrack can’t come soon enough, but Gaga has revealed a sneak peak at the track “Is That Alright?” Listen to it in the teaser below.

The other good news is that “Shallow,” the song everyone already knows from the trailer, is finally coming out this Friday. Yes, just two more days until we’ll be far from the shallow now!

It’s a good week to be a Gaga fan, but also just a human being who enjoys good music. Even if you’re not a Gaga fan, and even if you’re like, “Ugh why should I care about seeing A Star Is Born for the bajillionth time?!” Fellow skeptics, I hear you, and trust me when I say, you will not be able to resist this movie! I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival and can report that it's great, from the performances to the music. (You can read my full review here.) And even if you do somehow resist its teary, melodramatic charms, at the very least you’ll enjoy Gaga belting her heart out on stage.

A Star Is Born hits theaters on October 5.

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