Well he technically isn't a man yet, but he is new......very very new in fact - Adele has given birth to a boy!  She is no stranger to keeping hush hush about pregnancy news, so can we really be shocked at her having the baby last week?  Friday to be exact and if you are a mom like me, of course the first thing we want to know is details!  Length, weight, amount of hair and of course.... NAME!!!???  Well, we will have to wait because Adele is not releasing that information yet either!

The 'Skyfall' singer has been reported dropping around $50,000 on a nursery to keep her newest creation comfortable, and as any mom knows, a nursery is your second home when you have a newborn.  I can't wait for Adele to let the world in on the details of her experience,  one thing we all can say for sure is.....her newest little man will have some pretty amazing lullaby's!

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