Every year brings new trends, new styles and new clichés. Sure, they work for the time, but once they're played out it's time to move on. "Yolo," "Radical," and other words and phrases. Here's my list of fad phrases I'd like to see gone.

As in, "I adulated so hard this weekend to clean my apartment." It's called being a grown-up with grown-up responsibilities.

"The Struggle is Real"
As real as the struggle is, you don't need to prove your struggle and make it our problem, too.

"Hump Day"
Wednesday. The day you're thinking of is called Wednesday.

This is used for someone or something in a very positive way. If something was savage, that means it's awesome.

Someone's squad is their crew or their group of friends. Squad should be referred only to superheroes or an elite crew. Unless loitering around the mall is your mutant ability, you don't have a squad.

Here's what I have so far. What are some other words and phrases we need to extinguish in 2016?

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