**An Appellate Court sided with the State of California and Center for Food Safety, affirming Monsanto's glyphosate pesticide can be listed as a carcinogen under Proposition 65.

Agrimarketing.com reports Monsanto's lawsuit challenged the California Office of Environmental Hazard Assessment 2015 announcement that listed glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup, under Prop 65.

CFS defends listing glyphosate as a carcinogen and the public's right to know when it’s exposed to cancer-causing chemicals.

**The Ag economy decline is over, but the recovery is slow.

According to University of Missouri think tank FAPRI, for the third year in a row, U.S. net farm income will be steady at roughly $60 billion, half of the 2013 peak.

The forecast reported in agriculture.com also sees continued stress on farm finances in the years ahead, but modest increases in corn, soybean, and wheat prices next year will put income on a gradual incline.

**The National Farmers Union says it opposes the Republican-written farm bill awaiting a vote in the House, saying it shortchanges farmers and “makes unnecessary cuts to programs that feed hungry Americans.”

Meanwhile, agriculture.com reports an official for the much-larger American Farm Bureau Federation says the partisan split is not an insurmountable barrier to passing a new farm and public nutrition law this year.

While urging speedy passage of the farm bill, the Farm Bureau’s been silent on proposed work requirements for SNAP.

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