**Dicamba complaints are down in 2018. Last year, inquiries regarding off-target dicamba in the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend system tallied 99 per 1 million acres. This year is down to 13 per million acres.

Bayer Crop Science COO Brett Begemann tells agriculture.com, one thing farmers have started to appreciate is dicamba is not as forgiving as other herbicides, and when we say follow the label, we mean follow the label.

Besides drift, volatility has also been a reason for off-target movement.

**America’s Dairyland has lost 429 dairies since the beginning of the year and is on track to see its largest decline in dairy farms since 2013.

Agweb.com reports, Wisconsin has seen significant decline with 47 dairy farms exiting the business in August, 44 in July and 54 in June. The total number of licensed dairy producers is now just under 8,400 and likely to drop further by the end of the year.

In 2013, Wisconsin lost 434 dairies in the first eight months.

**It's no secret retaliatory tariffs have impacted soybean prices negatively, but if our trade disputes are resolved, one economist says prices could improve by 15%.

Farmer Mac economist Jackson Takach tells AgriTalk about one in every $4 or $5 of farm income comes from foreign sources, so we need trade partners.

Takach says we have six major trading partners that have issued retaliatory tariffs, representing about 53% of all U.S. ag exports.

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