**The world's largest agribusiness expects the EPA to announce a renewal and an updated label for the herbicide dicamba in the coming weeks.

Bayer Crop Science president, Liam Condon tells agrimarketing.com the EPA said it wants to decide before the next growing season to give growers certainty.

The weed system’s two-year authorization runs out in November and the EPA must decide whether to extend its use and whether to make changes to how and when it’s used.

**When Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a $12 billion program to help farmers bearing the brunt of the trade war, some farmers were thrilled, while corn, wheat and dairy producers were not.

Agweb.com reports, dairy producers were disappointed by the trade aid payment rates which amount to approximately 12¢ per hundred pounds.

Since the retaliatory tariffs began, milk futures have lost over $1.2 billion, and milk prices for the balance of the year are expected to be $1.10-per-hundred pounds lower than what was estimated pre-tariffs.


**The USDA plans to stay on ‘offense’ when it comes to negotiating trade deals for the nation’s farmers, according to a lead trade official.

Undersecretary Ted McKinney says the USMCA trade picture is looking more optimistic and is a good template we can take to other countries.

According to agriculture.com, the USDA is shoring up all of its other markets while trying to get back to the table with its number one soybean customer, China.

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