**Settlement discussions are under way over a lawsuit challenging a Missouri law making it a misdemeanor to promote plant-based food products as “meat.”

agweb.com reports the Missouri law that took effect last August was challenged by the Oregon-based Tofurky Co., which makes vegetarian foods, and The Good Food Institute, a D.C.-based nonprofit that advocates for meat alternatives.

The suit claims the law infringes on First Amendment rights to use product labels such as “veggie burgers” and “vegetarian ham roast.”

**The House Ag Committee has unveiled a new website featuring a modern, responsive design that works on phones, tablets, and desktops.

House Ag Chairman, Collin Peterson says “I’m proud of our new website, that makes it easier for folks to navigate and find out what the committee is up to.”

The new, rebranded look also has links to the committee’s YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts … and has the same link: agriculture.house.gov

**After three days of negotiations, Mexico agreed to U.S. demands to tighten its borders and stop the flow of illegal Central American immigrants from coming into the U.S. through Mexico suspending the threat of new trade tariffs.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells agrimarketing.com, the U.S. looks forward to working with Mexico to fulfill these commitments and stem the tide of illegal migration, making our border strong and secure.

The deal could still be altered if progress is not considered sufficient.


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