Don't get burned buying the wrong sunscreen this summer.

A new study by JAMA Dermatology analyzed 65 of the most-sold types of sunblock on Amazon and found that many of them are not up to snuff with recommendations made by the American Academy of Dermatology:

40% (26 of 65) did not adhere to AAD guidelines (broad spectrum, SPF ≥30, and water resistant) for sunscreens....a significant proportion did not adhere to AAD guidelines, mostly attributable to a lack of water resistance.

The AAD urges people keep three things in mind when choosing sunscreen. The first is it has broad spectrum, meaning it can defend ultraviolet A rays that cause wrinkles and ultraviolet B rays, which cause sunburn. The second is it should be water resistant, which allows you to remain in water for 80 minutes before you need to lather up again. The third is applying sunblock that is at least SPF 30.

It's also advised that you re-apply every two hours, especially since extreme heat can render sunblock less effective.

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