"Alexa, I have an emergency!"

Soon you or someone you love will be able to say that and receive immediate support from anywhere in the nation, thanks to local Yakima business owners of NRS Systems.

This Friday, August 17th, from 5pm-8pm, John Gehlsen and his partner at NRS Systems, Michael Liddicoat, will host a Kickstarter Launch Party at Hop Nation Brewing Company in Yakima (31 N 1st Ave) and the event is kid-friendly.

If you want to be a supporter, you can receive a discount on your Kickstarter contribution. Staff will be on site to help walk first-time Kickstarter contributors through the process.

Most services similar to this app cost anywhere from $20 to $50, but NRS Systems wants to provide a more affordable option. For just $5 a month, families can invest in the app that will activate and send texts, emails or automated phone calls to a designated contact in your phone list. This app would be useful for families and friends of aging senior citizens, especially those over the age of 65.

"NRS Systems wants to make help only a voice command away."

The app does not come with an Alexa Dot or Dome, so you will need to purchase the equipment before you can use the app. Even your television can be used to alert you that a family member (or friend) needs you.

For more information, contact Michael Liddicoat via email or by phone at 509-424-8090.

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