It's that time of year again ... and none of us is immune. Not even me!

Yup -- a nasty, stubborn cold has been making its way around our offices, and after hearing all the coughing and nose-blowing echo down the halls for the past few weeks, the bug finally landed in my work space.

The sneezing, the aches, the stuffy head. Starting late last week, I had it all.

So for the past few days, I've had a decision to make every morning: Should I tough it out at work, or admit defeat and stay home?

As usual, the internet turned out to have a wealth of answers.

An article on WebMD by Katherine Kam outlined some key considerations:

  • How well could you perform at work? Well, let's see. I'm a DJ. My voice has to be at its best all the time. With a scratchy throat and plugged sinuses, this one's easy -- score one for staying home.
  • Would you be contagious? Of course I'm contagious! It's a contagious bug that I got from being at work in the first place! Staying home 2, going to work 0.
  • Would staying home help you feel better? Tough call here. As much as I'd love to loll around the house in my footy pajamas and read comic books all day, I know I'd spend nearly every waking moment worrying about work, checking my email box and trying to make sure I wasn't burdening coworkers with extra tasks. OK, so now it's 2-1 for staying home.
  • If you're taking cold medications, would they interfere with your work? Probably, but so would not taking them. Cold medicine might keep my voice clear enough to crack the mic and prevent me from sneezing all over the conference room table at one of our morning meetings -- guess I have to chalk up another point for going to work.

So there it was: A 2-2 tie. Right back where I started.

And then I remembered: If someone would've told me 28 years ago that somebody I'd be getting paid  to get up and go to the best job anybody could ever ask for -- being a DJ -- would a little cold have prevented me from going in?


So I grabbed my coat and headed to the door ...


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