This is bound to spark a conversation one way or another.

EBT is like a credit card or gift card that the welfare offices use in lieu of just giving them cash. They're very restricted and come in forms like food assistance or even some that spend like cash. These are issued to people on welfare.

Amazon wants to make their Prime service available to everyone so they figured if you were on welfare, they would drop the price down for you to better afford Amazon Prime and what it can do.

Now, the first question many will have is 'if they're on welfare, then they can't afford to shop online' and you may be right for the most part. Amazon does offer food deliveries, too, so maybe that's included. I'm not sure, I never tried using EBT to shop for food online. There are some online services, including Amazon Prime Fresh that delivers it to your door offered in some cities that does take SNAP or maybe EBT.

The other part is online shopping is nothing new. If one is on EBT, they also may be on unemployment and since Amazon has just about everything from soap to clothes, diapers and other essentials they wanted to provide a service for fast, free shipping with the paid subscription.

What are your thoughts? See more info at Amazon and tell us in the comments.

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