On Monday (June 5) the Yakama Nation kicked off its Treaty Days commemoration week with the Miss Yakama Nation Pageant. This is where the current Yakama Nation royalty spoke about their reign -- from Miss Yakama Nation, Chrissy Jim, all the way down to Lil' Miss Yakama Nation Treaty Days Princess, Tehy LoveAnn. The pageant also included the introduction of the candidates vying for whichever title they are going for. This pageant is similar to other pageants, from the talent competition to the knowledge of the Treaty of 1885 for The Yakama Nation.

All the candidates did a great job. Even royalty from other towns and organizations were in attendance. From family, to the committee, to the public. There is a lot of support for the youths who are stepping up and vying for the titles they are going for. From Miss Yakama Nation all the way down to Little Miss Treaty Day Princess. And we can't forget about the Yakama Nation Warrior.

The winners will be announced at this weekend's 162nd Annual Yakama Nation Treaty Days Pow Wow!


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