For so many of her loyal Swifties, Taylor Swift is the world's biggest pop star. But to one famous little fan, she's more like the "coolest rock star."

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa took their precious 5-year-old son Sebastian to watch the singer perform live in concert on Saturday (May 19) in Los Angeles. While attending Swift's Reputation World Tour, Sebastian got a chance to meet the pop star backstage, where he brought her a bouquet of flowers.

After an adorable high-five and hug-filled meet and greet with Swift, Rose coaxed her shy boy to share something he wanted to tell the artist.

"Um, Taylor Swift... I like when you're a cool rock star," he told the singer, to which Swift replied she would "try to be that more."

"I will try to do that a few times onstage. I will give it my best shot," she promised.

Sebastian and Swift's sweet meeting came after the pop star sent the young fan a personalized VIP box set complete with concert tickets, which Rose shared on Instagram.

Back in March, Rose slammed vicious trolls who mocked her son for being a Taylor Swift fan, writing, "Shout out to all of the hyper-masculine men and ignorant dumb ass women that will call a five-year-old gay for liking Taylor Swift. This is why young kids kill themselves. And this is also why our society is so f---ed up. Liking a certain type of music will not make you 'pick' your sexuality you dumb f---."

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